Having command in our lives and the choice to transform it into something that we want is an excellent thing. In fact, we could do just that if we put our mind into it. We could always choose happiness as it is an option. Taking control of your life the way you wanted to is what each and every person dreams of.

Be Optimistic

It is the way you look at things that would make you feel either happy, sad, angry, etc. Getting yourself affected by things that happen in your life is also a choice. There may be unpleasant events which happen in life but we could always look at the brighter side of things. It is our choice, our decision, our call on how we make of a particular circumstance.


May it be your family, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, or your career, having a motivation always help make things easier. Our motivation in life make us more determined to accomplish any goal we want. The right motivation lets us choose happiness over any other things. Even in the most undesirable situation, our motivation would allow us to get through it. Behind every successful individual is a good motivation. Things that you thought to be impossible to do could be done if you have a motivation.

Right Attitude

The outcome of events that happen in our lives could rely on our own attitude. The right attitude allows us to prevent distressing events from taking place and even lets us gain more friends and helps us solve problems. In addition to that, having the right attitude easily rubs off to others. Helping yourself and helping others is a great thing.

Happy Thoughts

Whatever we do starts within the mind. Having happy thoughts makes our day right and makes you feel real good. The action we are to take depends on our way of thinking. Good actions are caused by a good thought.

Let us always keep in mind that we have a choice, so choose happiness. No other person could take control of our lives but us. We are all equal in having that choice. By choosing happiness, we choose the right thing.